Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wind farms in Benton County Indiana

Trains Bring More Wind Generators.

It's Spring now and the windmills are standing proud and tall in the Midwest towns of Earl Park and Fowler Indiana. Many folks ask how these megawatt wind generators make their way toward Benton County and this picture should help explain part of the process.

The photograph above shows sections of the towers themselves loaded on train cars near Brookston, Indiana. From there they are loaded on to semi trailers and trucked across State Road 18 toward their final destination in the rural farming communities of Benton County.

If you happened to take a drive this past Sunday toward Earl Park you could have caught one of the best sunsets to start the Spring season. I noticed many passers-by on US 41 stopping to take photographs. Perhaps Earl Park should build a rest stop with picnic tables for taking a scenic photograph of these amazing wind generators that dominate the landscape?? Set up a few cola machines and put the money back into the park!!

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Nick said...

I love his pic. How can I get a copy?